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Technology medical center of ophthalmic surgery "OKO"

We use innovative equipment, to provide you with the best in modern ophthalmology!

Installation for cataract surgery CENTURION Vision System from company Alcon

“Centurion” – intellectual ophthalmologic system for phacoemulsification of cataract, that controls every step of the transaction and allows the surgeon to operate at the highest level and with a minimal risk of complications. “Centurion” as no other fakojemulsifikator today provides MAXIMUM SAFETY for the patient during the operation, and provides ABSOLUTE ACCURACY in the work of the surgeon! SENTURION Vision System combines several technologies phacoemulsification:

  • Active Fluidics technology-innovative technology, allows you to automatically control the physiological level of intraocular pressure during operation (individually for each patient). Now the surgeon can operate the whole operation at a low, but constantly supported an intraocular pressure.
  • Balanced Energy Technology-optimizes torsion ultrasound with innovative software and consumables, ensuring the quality of surgical intervention. New Eagle INTREPID Balanced Tip makes the procedure not only effective, but the maximum safe.

“Centurion” is part of used medical centre “OKO” a modern complex for cataract surgery, which also includes the operating microscope LuxOR and surgical navigation “Verion” from company Alcon.

Operating microscope LuxOR from company Alcon

This is инновационный прибор in world ophthalmosurgery, enables you to improve the quality and security spending of cataract and vitreoretinal surgery by providing the most stable red reflex zones and large depth of focus.

Surgical navigation system Verion from company Alcon

Система, which greatly increases the accuracy and effectiveness of the planning and execution of operations. The Medical Center “OKO” Verion is part of a single operating complex along with the installation of Centurion and microscope LuxOR from company Alcon.

Verion creates an opportunity individual approach to each patient in the planning of incisions and axes of implantation of intraocular lens, allows you to define and optimize surgical plan, creates a digital map of the operation, that is used during surgery, to ensure a positive result for each patient.

Also, Verion allows:

  • execute keratometriû, pupilometriû and other preoperative calculations;
  • get a picture of the patient's eyes in high quality and resolution;
  • automatically detect skleral′nye blood vessels, limb, the pupil and the individual characteristics of the IRIS.
Spectral optical coherent tomograph SOCT Copernicus (Optopol Technology)

A high-tech scanner SOCT Copernicus deduced as diagnostic, and surgical work Medical Center “OKO” at qualitatively new level. Scanner SOCT Copernicus is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the retina.

In addition, in our Center patients with initial stage of cataract development is conducted mandatory retinal tomography, that allows with the highest accuracy to predict the outcome of the surgery for the treatment of cataract! Самая точная разрешающая способность позволяет доктору быть уверенным в постановке диагноза, Since high definition gives no chance to make a mistake. Ultra high speed scanning reduces the time of data collection and significantly improves the comfort for the patient, and for the physician during the examination.

Автоматический периметр PTS 2000

Автоматический периметр PTS 2000 задает новый стандарт полноценных периметров. Это сочетание эргономичного дизайна с требованиями к современной оценке поля зрения. Выполнение всех необходимых функций, начиная от отборочного тестирования к кинетической периметрии с контролем вручную, так просто, как никогда до этого. PTS 2000 дает вам один из крупнейших в мире диапазонов тестирование поля зрения и различные опции, включая все размеры стимулов Гольдмана и цвета стимулов, что используются в периметрии. Благодаря современному и интуитивному программному обеспечению, все это теперь к вашим услугам.

Alcon Laser Pure Point

Alcon Laser Pure Point – зеленый лазер, having an exceptional combination of performance characteristics, durability and reliability, versatility and portability in one system. This system allows for trabekuloplastiku in glaucoma, as well as to effectively treat retinal pathology, in t. h. in patients with myopia and diabetes. All operations, carried out with the help of laser Alcon Pure Point, safe and pass without complications.

Ultrasonic diagnostic scanner Sonomed Escalon VuPad

Sonomed-Company world leader in ultrasonic industry в офтальмологии. VuPad is a a revolutionary new portable device, designed for a wide range of ultrasound eye, который обеспечивает проведение диагностики пациентов Медцентра “OKO” at the highest level.

Autoref/Keratometer Shin Nippon

High-tech apparatus, allows you to measure the refraction of the eye and investigate the curvature of the cornea. Automatic guidance and focus indicator tells the doctor the best time to start measuring, a unique method of fixing eyes on target makes as measurement, significantly reducing the influence of accommodation.

Alcon slit lamp SL-1000

Using this device, ophthalmologist conducts Visual Diagnostics of all structures of the eye. Thanks to modern optical technology, the image is very high resolution, that significantly improves the quality of patient's eye research.

Automatic non-contact tonometer Shin-Nippon NCT-200

Used in diagnosis of view for measuring intraocular pressure of a patient. The survey on this equipment is reduced as much as possible due to the improved alignment and avtovystrela.

Ultrasonic pachymeter DGH 55B (Pachmate 2)

Equipment is a portable ultrasound device battery powered, used in ophthalmology to measure the thickness of cornea. Pachmate 2 designed to assist in the management of glaucoma.

Automatic projector Eucaris TSCP marks-800

Used in diagnosis of the patient's perspective. Provides high image quality, equipped with polarisation and Red-Green filter, as well as possesses all necessary optometrist tests, among which: letters, figures, clip art, Landolt rings, Snellen's Visual optotipy, binocular balance, Cross cylinders and much more, to achieve the best results in the diagnostic phase.