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“Centurion” is an intelligent ophthalmic system for phacoemulsification of cataracts, which controls every step of the operation and allows the surgeon to perform the operation at the highest level and with minimal risk of complications. Today, Centurion, like no other phacoemulsifier, provides the patient with maximum safety during surgery and ensures absolute precision in the work of the surgeon. The CENTURION Vision System combines several phacoemulsification technologies:

Active Fluidics technology is an innovative technology that automatically controls the physiological level of intraocular pressure during surgery (individually for each patient). Now the surgeon can work the entire operation at a low, but constantly maintained intraocular pressure;
Balanced Energy technology optimizes torsional ultrasound performance with innovative software and consumables to ensure quality surgery. The design of the new INTREPID Balanced Tip needles makes the procedure not only effective, but also as safe as possible;
Alcon Sentry Handpiece technology allows surgery to be performed on physiological intraocular pressure and reduces the negative effects of increased pressure on the eye.

Centurion is part of the state-of-the-art cataract surgery complex used at OKO Medical Center, which also includes the LuxOR operating microscope and the Verion surgical navigation system from Alcon.

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A system that greatly increases the accuracy and efficiency of planning and performing an operation. In the OKO Medical Center, Verion is part of a single operating complex along with the Centurion unit and the LuxOR microscope from Alcon.

Verion creates the possibility of an individual approach to each patient when planning incisions and axes of intraocular lens implantation, allows you to determine and optimize the surgical plan, creates a digital map of the operation that is used during surgery, which allows you to guarantee a positive result for each patient.

Verion also allows you to:

  • perform keratometry, pupilometry and other preoperative calculations;
  • get an image of the patient’s eye in high quality and resolution;
  • automatically detect scleral vessels, limbus, pupil and individual iris features.
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