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I want to thank the entire staff of the clinic "OKO" behind the affability,a high level of service,
for professionalism and attentiveness to detail. Came with complaints of reduced vision,
burning in the eyes and discomfort ,having a small child,не имела возможности стоять в очередях
в государственных поликлиниках ,in order to me some as watched and sent home( что бывало
не раз) and my friends advised me to clinic "OKO".What can I say- convenient location,near Metro,
the friendly staff ,I have given enough time,чтоб тщательно продиагностировать и поставить
диагноз,explained ,affordable me language,that to me, and why and how to treat it! 
I am very grateful to you, will advise friends and herself,If you know,where to apply!
Alexander Danilovna


A huge thank you to all the staff of the clinic "OKO" for personalised, чуткое и профессиональное 
отношение к своей работе, relative to patients. Remained it is very happy. 
Will definitely recommend to all friends and relatives.
Natalia Kurochkina


Passed Diagnostics in this heart. All satisfied: from the environment and staff, to process the study itself. That diagnosticians, that doctor gave detailed answers on all questions. Everything was done without haste. In general, in my subjective view, the Center keeps the bar high quality, What deserves attention.



Want to vyrahit thanks to Natalia Ivanova BAchuk and her team of professionals. Thank you so much for your hard work and love for their profession and their patients! I wish you prosperity, and most importantly health!!!! With respect, from Mariupol.

Vashchenko Sergiy


Thanks a lot Bachuk Natalia Ivanova, doctor from God, She saved my dad (cataract). The operation was successful, no complaints. Thanks for your golden hands!

Maria Bitneva


I am, Korolenko Elena Evgenievna, I want to express my gratitude to Bachuk Natalia Ivanova for successful operation to neovascular glaucoma. Dear Natalya Yuryevna! Bow to the ground you for your professionalism and great care to the people! You and your team-generated return sight in almost hopeless situation. This miracle and happiness for me. Separate thank Hasmik Abovovnu for her attention, ponimaniei professionalism. And also please convey thanks to the Anaesthesiologist. His work makes the operation painless and actually easily portable. I thank the staff of the Center “OKO”! Let all the fortune and everything and always be healthy!

Korolenko Elena Evgenievna


I thank the staff for the vnimalnoe attitudes towards patients. Remained it is very happy the primary survey and identifying my first points! Perfectly organized activities!

Olga Molchanova


Cannot be indifferent to treat the doctor Bachuk Natalia Ivanova, with a low bow and thank you so much! This doctor from God, that gave me a second life! I saw the light! Also thanks to all the other doctors and IU. Sisters, all medical personnel for attention and kind attitude towards patients. With respect to you, pensioner Cochin Tamara Alekseevna. I advise everyone to contact this clinic!

Cochin Tamara Alekseevna


Hello! My name is Margarita. I want to express my gratitude on behalf of his grandfather, Victor Ivanovich Mazhara, from myself and from the whole family doctor Bachuk Natalia Ivanova, as well as all the staff, who took part in the operation to replace the lens of my grandfather. You made a miracle, We even did not expect such a result. Our grandfather again sees, He blossomed and he opened a second breath, in spite of the fact, that it goes 81-year! A huge thank you to the doctors with gold hands and our best wishes! All recommend EYE Medical Center».

Margarita Tischenko


A huge thanks to Frjancevoj Margarita Vladimirovna. He is not the first year the "Oko", but once again led the daughter, the knew, that we now have another. Margarita Vladimirovna devoted maximum time, dispelled all my fears, All told and reassured us on the eve of surgery for strabismus. I really hope, that all goes well with us and soon we will put eyes on their seats.

Svetlana Eremenko


Thanks for the great eye clinic». High-quality medical care, the friendly staff, All Summit.



I am, Weaver Petr Tkachev, To me 77 years. Underwent surgery for cataract in the right eye 18.09.18. I thank the entire staff of your clinic. Very good service, attentive doctors and all medical personnel. Returned sight and now I have 95%! Thank you!!! We will advise all your clinic "Oko". May God give you all good health and many years of fruitful work, helping people regain eyesight. Thank you!!!

Weaver Petr Tkachev


I am – pensioner. Very needed people in white coats. Very lucky to fall into reliable, Golden hands. I can't believe, that first saw the light of day. Bloomed life. There are no words! Special thanks to the entire health care team!

10 September 2018

Want to write words of gratitude to the specialists of Medical Center “OKO” and personally Frjancevoj Margarita Tymoshenko for the professionalism and warmth! Have been screened and are very pleased with. I wish you success! Recommend!

Oshkukova Nadezhda


Thank you wonderful woman and a great surgeon for his tremendous work and patience! Natalia Yurievna, You – best!



I would like to express my gratitude and say thank you to your team for, that gave an opportunity to live a full life. See all around, get a chance to move without fear of Miss steps, be able to move around on the street in the evening, read, Watch tv. Thank you for your skillful hands, for your consideration and understanding of the elderly, that it is very difficult to.

Semenenko Olga Vasilievna


I express my great gratitude to medical center “OKO” for kindness and professionalism. All health and success in this noble cause.



Thank you all for the care, good and warm, I got here. Thank you, Natalia Yurievna, for successful operation. Surprisingly good and warm collective. Thanks to you all! Happiness, peace and goodness!

L. Samoylenko. G.


I am very grateful to the entire medical staff for responsiveness and great attitude. Thank you so much for the operation, for happiness to see all the colors of the world. Very grateful to Natalia Alexandrova retinologu Aleksandrovna. Thank you so much for the Golden hands of Natalia Bachuk Yuriivny. For warmth and dobrejshee heart Brjancevoj Margaritas Vladimirovna. For the special attention of Konovalova Darina Alexandrovna thanks! You have an excellent staff. Health, goodness, World, happiness and all the kindest!

Raskova Lyudmila Danilovna


I Oleynik M. M., Habitant of Mariupol, doing a second operation for cataract in “OKO” and I am very grateful to all the staff for care, for sensitivity, for gentle and friendly attitude. I am grateful to Julia Popsujshapke Glebovne, Natalia Ivanova Bachuk and to all the staff for the very warm welcome!

Oleynik M. M.


Once again I express my great gratitude Bachuk Natalia Ivanova and her team of specialists. 25 July operated on his right eye, everything perfectly see. 15 August operated on his left eye and too everything perfectly see. Thank you very much! But I see a team of doctors and the quality of the services, cleanliness and order and a great attitude to patients.

Marchenko Volodymyr Ivanovych, 65 years


I express my great gratitude Bachuk Natalia Ivanova and her team for me operation right eye (cataract). See fine. Thank you very much!

Marchenko Volodymyr Ivanovych, 65 years


My declaration of love, and thanks to the

The whole team

For work, for shares,

The work of goldsmiths!

In your case,

To heart cherstvelo!

All health and success,

Long-long life years

And patients without complications,

To see a light!

Natalia Ivanova separately,

The stairs prodvizhenja utility!

Team thrive!

Specialty acquire!

Friendship, humor, goodness,

Support strong shoulder!

Cheers and happy!

Rebryk T. To.


Clinic “OKO” I found on the Internet. Was going to accept with some voltage, t.. any recommendations from anyone not received, but was pleasantly surprised by the admission. Entered electronically, the next morning I call back, and refinements while taking. I punctually met in Cabinet. Inspection conducted Mkhitaryan Hasmik Abovovna. Closely examined, listened to complaints, very ably conducted a survey. Her insanely grateful. Recommend this clinic. Thank you so much, cute doctor!

Inna Vladimirovna Yudina


Good health and thank you so much for the excellent work of all the staff of the clinic, in particular, Irina Fedorovna, for professionalism and sensitivity to patients. And also thanks the doctor Natalia Alexandrovna, which inspires confidence in the!!! All the staff of the clinic works very smoothly, conscientiously and professionally! Grateful you patients!!!

Maksymiuk Larisa Nikolaevna


A huge thanks to all the staff of medical workers for teamwork, professionalism, cordiality, sensitivity, humanity and attention. I especially want to thank Dr. Bachuk Natalya Yuryevna the other day for her golden hands, It gives people pleasure, happiness to see. Serdchenoe thanks all, all, all. You are the best! Your best Center.

Tatarinov T. With.


Many thanks to Bogatyr Svetlana Grigorevne for the excellent performance of their duties, for attention and sensitivity.

Pavlenko. And.


I express my most sincere gratitude to all medical personnel and other employees of the Medical Center “OKO” for care and attention, shown to patients during the test and the postoperative rehabilitation period.

I wish all the employees health and success in your noble and constructive work for the benefit of man! Carry on!

Gakshin Alexey


Thank you very much doctor Bachuk n. Yu. and all the medical staff for a successful surgery her husband Zozule with. In. Vision after operation – 100%! Operation carried out at a high level, lasted less than 15 minutes. Husband happy.

Today did an eye exam. Survey of very qualified, received specific appointment, selected points. Also appointed to the eyes.

Thank you very much!

All eye problems (especially cataract, as in our case), highly recommend EYE Center.

Zozulya With. In the., Zozulya (E). (A).


Thank you wonderful woman and a great surgeon for his tremendous work and patience! Natalia Yurievna, You – best!



Velika Vinoshu blagodarnіst' operacіju for the ocі. Special thanks to Natalia Ûrìïvnì Bačuk and the entire staff of Medcentru “OKO”. I wish you success and good luck in your work.

Sincerely Maria Rovanìvna Melnik.

M. Trostyanec, Sumy region.

Miller Marina Romanіvna


I am very grateful to the staff of the clinic for his excellent survey, attentive attitude of physicians to patients. Thank you so much! I wish you good health, family happiness and long life. People in white coats – our saviors!
Olekseenko L. D.


I am very pleased and touched to the heart clinic staff! When you come into the room, such home furnishings, the girls are friendly and affectionate. Doctors in General so sheltered, When we started to explore. All available told, explained. Doctors in OKO – It's just the Angels from God. All Summit! The best clinic – your! Thank you very much!
Cherepovskaya And. In.


I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the medical centre “OKO” in Kharkov, namely the surgeon Bachuk Natalia Ivanova and thank all the staff of the Centre, who participated in the operation. The entire staff is a solidary team of professionals. These people are really experiencing and lovingly refer to their patients. Thank you for treatment, care and concern.

Koryagina On. In.


I'd like to mention a favorable atmosphere, kindness to the sick and comfort in your clinic. Your senior and junior medical staff is characterized by high professionalism and humanity. I made two and prepare for the introduction of a third! Thank you very much!

Bozhko B. To.


I wish to express my appreciation to all the staff of the Centre “OKO” for the timely free assistance to the population of our city in such a difficult time for our country. A big thank you to all the staff for responsiveness, understanding, individual approach to each patient, kindness and love, with which you treat patients and to its work.

Special blessings from the Lord of all of you and your families. Prosperity, good luck and your growth Center!

Gurieva Tatyana


All your female workers

Careful, Dobry,

In his profession are smart!

I came to you for advice

And I have no regrets about it!

Petrichenko And. With.


I thank all the staff of the Centre “OKO”, in particular, professionals, have had my attention when inspecting view. The attentive and professional inspection, they instilled in me the confidence and identified the exact diagnosis. Again, thank.

Dumov Mihail Vasilevich


I came to consult in your Center and was impressed by the warm atmosphere, the benevolent attitude of admin, Ganzha Svetlana Borisovna. Inspection conducted Pogudina Ekaterina Vladimirovna, that very intelligently and lucidly explained, I have vision problems and what are the problems. This remarkable doctor you want to highlight the excellent work award! Very skillfully and extensively on high-quality equipment identified my problem questions on sight and advised to contact retinologu your Center, Alexandrova N. (A).
Thank you for a warm atmosphere, purity, beauty, harmony, I felt in the team, in the cozy indoors Medical Center. I wish you prosperity Centre, progress and thanks for the great share assistance kharkovites, that now may not always provide the necessary survey money.
Once again many thanks!
Good luck and all the best!
Olga Valentinovna Koryagina


I am grateful to the medical staff of the hospital “OKO” for eye surgery. Very grateful to all the staff of the hospital, Thank you with all my heart! Thank you!

Aleksandra Markovna Kobets

I had cataracts in glasses before I saw only the first two letters in the table, and nothing is seen. Now, however, is another matter. I see everything eye surgery better, than the native. Staff very attentive. Any Grandma can help, in the Cabinet. In addition, I inogorodnââ, me in a hotel guarded, led, lodged. In the hotel we were not paid, the hotel paid the clinic.

Alla Ivanovna Shevtsova

In order to see the Sun, the sky and the world, I turned to the clinic “OKO”. He remembered the words of Lesya Ukrainka “Without the hope of hope” And a miracle occurred thanks to a medical clinic and personally to Natalia BAČUK Ûrìïvnì, I see this world, I see the eyes of these beautiful people, who have golden hands. Let Your families will heat, joy and happiness. Only now I understand, dostatr′o to be happy just to see. Thank you very much again. You are the best!!! From provagoû to all medical personnel and once again with great gratitude Bačuk Natalia Ûrìïvnì. It's not just beautiful on the outside and the soul of a woman, It is a true expert of the business. Once again thank you!! The Glory Of God, that Ukraine has the following physicians and medical centers!!!

Mykola Babych

Clinic “OKO” I advised a friend. Choosing between “OKO” and the public hospital, I stopped at “OKO”, because you want to stay overnight in the hospital, a six-bed wards, but I wanted to get a comfortable maintenance, and I with Natalia Yuriyivna mother called and came to her. I have performed a full diagnosis, prepared for surgery, I operated, I rested the necessary time and went home. The next day I went to check, tested on all machines, gave all the necessary drop and I went home.

Alla Ivanova

Dr. gorgeous. Natalia Yurievna – specialist from God, Golden hands. I'm afraid every surgical interventions and expected, that is not so comfortable, but after talking with a surgeon and an anesthesiologist, telling the anesthesiologist all their woes, acquired by age, is satisfied, that got to the professionals. They reassured me, helped decide on the operation. I was very pleased with. A week later the operated eye not only recovered, but began to see a much better second native eyes. As I tell my house, real 3D.

Tamara Fedorovna Lagutenkova

Did the operation on the same day. Were very pleased with the excellent service by qualified professionals. Thanks to all the staff of the Centre “OKO”, led by his leadership. We wish good health to all employees, as well as their families! WELL DONE!!!

Galina Bagdasarânc, Maria Kleiman

The main thing I like, that specialists, well of course, but the most important thing, that attitude is you feel man, instead of an outcast. I'm afraid of hospitals, because you are using, and watching you as… And then as if I need them, Although such as I… Main, What I love about people's attitudes. That's as if I am to them most native people.

Aleksandr Dmitrievich Andriyashin

I am very worried, not yet hit on the operating table. I started to calm down, they say “It is not necessary to, don't get discouraged, all do, everything will be okay”. I stopped worry and minutes through 20 got up from the table with a new vision. Before the operation I all saw as in a fog, but after the operation on the second day all can discern, appeared to sharpen.

Maria Shatokhin

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