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Questions and answers

The most frequent questions are gathered here.
How is operation?

During the operation, you will be at a comfortable, soft operating table.

You need to lie still and look up into the microscope. Operation absolutely painless, as applied local analgesia.

The duration of operation is about 15 minutes.

Patients remain in the minds of all the time surgery-this avoids the risks of general anesthesia and promotes rapid recovery after surgery.

Immediately after surgery you will be staying for a short time in the recovery room, where you will observe our specialists.

Note, that thanks to the success of a modern eye surgery improved vision you will notice almost immediately after surgery.

Before discharge, you will be given advice on the care of operirovannym eye and the behavior in the postoperative period.

In addition, You will be told the time and date of the next visit, during which the doctor will inspect, evaluate the condition of your eyes and will measure the sharpness of your vision.

That you must have before surgery?
  1. Medicinal drugs, the constantly applicable patient;
  2. All available at the hands of the prior statements about eye operations;
  3. The results of medical examinations:
    • Clinical blood analysis (validity analysis- 1 MO);
    • urinalysis (validity analysis- 1 MO);
    • blood sugar (validity analysis- 1 MO);
    • blood test for RW, Hbs Ag (expires- 3 MO);
    • ECG with decoding (expires- 1 MO);
    • chest x-rays (over the past year);
  4. Conclusion about the absence of contraindications for ocular surgery:
    • therapist, dentist, ENT – doctor-;
    • endocrinologist for patients with diabetes mellitus.
  5. Personal hygiene items: slippers, cotton underwear or pajamas;
  6. Patients with diabetes should also be in possession of:
    • insulin;
    • blood glucose meter with test strips (possible).
And what awaits me after surgery?

The patient should be on check-up is usually, on 2-nd, 7-th days and one month after surgery.

Also, patient must bury eyedrops, These doctor and observe some simple recommendations within a period of. Your lifestyle will not change significantly.

A patient's vision improve significantly in the first days after surgery, and the final outcome after cataract extraction with the implantation of artificial lens will be achieved through 1 month.

In cases, When you need urgent advice, help (a sudden decrease in vision, eye inflammation), You should immediately contact your doctor!

If I forgot any survey results?

In the absence of any survey results or findings from the therapist wraps the operation.

do you ajotsja any warranty on replacement lens(interested in - Phacoemulsification of cataract with implantation of Acrysof Natural IOL IQ Toric SN6A T2 Alcon. United States (for patients with astigmatism rogovičnym) (one eye) * 12500). If is given for how long or you can choose cleaner lens?

In the medical centre "eye" you guarantee cataract removal method fakojemil'sifikacii on the newest ophthalmic equipment with implantation of intraocular lens. Lens parameters are calculated individually, taking into account the anatomical and optical features of the eyes, in which it will be implanted. Visual acuity after surgery depends on the patient's retina and optic nerve, related ocular pathology. After the operation is issued statement, and the artificial lens is issued with your Passport at the packaging it. All data are indicated in the Passport: firm, country, manufacturer, It's time, date of manufacture of the lens. With regard to Natural Acrysof Toric IQ IOL SN6A T2 Alcon (intraocular lens for correcting corneal astigmatism) It has special tags for implantation in a certain position, that any qualified ophthalmologist can confirm during the examination of the eye with a wide pupil.

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Mobile. Tel. +38 (097) 977-99-33
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Mode of operation:
Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00 (without a break)
sat 9.00-16.00 (without a break)

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