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The establishment of our center began with cataract surgery, to which I devoted most of my 25-year path in ophthalmology. At the same time, we were engaged in the development of diagnostics, methods of refractive lens replacement, laser and drug treatment of retinal diseases, glaucoma treatment, eyelid and conjunctival surgery, pediatric ophthalmology, optics.

Over time, we have strengthened the medical center in such areas as vitreoretinal surgery, plastic surgery, refractive therapy with night lenses.

These profiles now complement and reinforce each other and provide a wide range of ophthalmic services to patients of all ages.

We have assembled a team of professional doctors who love their job and are responsible for the result. With us you will always receive competent medical care, attentive service and access to the most modern equipment and treatment methods.

Natalya Yurievna Bachuk

chief physician of the medical center, ophthalmologist of the highest category, cataract surgeon

Line of sight

Service at a glance

Explaining our actions

We know that procedures and eye surgeries are more frightening than most others, because, having lost the ability to see, a person cannot lead a normal life. To make you feel comfortable, we will tell you how the treatment or operation will take place, why we choose a particular treatment regimen, and what we are doing at the moment.

We fix prices

If you need treatment or surgery, we will name their price after diagnosis, explain what is included in the price, and fix the amount. Materials and medicines for preoperative preparation, consumables and anesthesia will be included in the price.

We give treatment predictions

Before any treatment or surgery, we will tell you what result we expect to achieve.

Keep in touch

After visiting the medical center, you can contact the doctor and get a free consultation if you have any additional questions about the treatment.

Recording operations

At your request, we record a video of the operation, which you can later view or transfer to your relatives. This will assure you that the operation was organized, professionally and in accordance with all standards.

We save the history of visits

After each of your visits, we give you an extract with the doctor's opinion, diagnosis and recommended treatment. We keep all these documents, and you can get or restore them at any time.

We help nonresident

If you are coming from another city for treatment, we will book a hotel room near the medical center and help with train tickets, air tickets and getting around the city.